Why Ecampustrack?

Why Ecampustrack?

Complete School Management Software (RFID & Biometric)

  • Cloud-based data storage for assured security and safety
  • Real-time Data processing
  • RFID/Biometric Using
  • Anywhere access right from your palm-
  • Help to Increase productivity
  • Automation for smarter decisions

Ecampustrack Features

Cloud-based storage to keep data safe and secure


Instant attendance using RFID/Biometric.

Class Management

Manage multiple classes by switching between classes.

Cloud based

Experience data security and integrity with real-time updates.

Cost effective

Value for money by using Ecampustrack.

Easy Installation

Easy installation with no data maintenance required


Accurate student profiles for all information on a student.


Track your students and school bus and get real-time location updates.


Parents can know directly contribute to how their child performs in school.

Personal Messages

Value-added features like Birthday wishes, notifications can be instantly communicated to parents/guardians

Real Time SMS Alerts

Arrival & departure of students is conveyed via sms in real time to parents/guardians.

No Data Entry

Teachers no longer have to fill information on every student by creating student profiles and updating them automatically

Push Notification

Get instant notifications in real-time on your phone and never miss any important update.